Alex Krissberg


Process photos from the making of a blown vase.

The first gather of glass is made.

Crushed colored glass is layered onto the first gather.

A clear gather of glass is made over the colored layer.

The glass is shaped by hand with wet newspaper.

The glass is blown onto a graphite base to help form the shape.

Final touches are made to flatten the bottom.

A puntie is connected to the back of the vase.

A drop of water is applied to shock the glass where it should break.

A gentle tap and the piece cracks where it was cooled.

The glass is heated on the upper half and stretched with the jacks.

Diamond shears are then used to cool the edge, shocking the glass at a single point.

A gentle tap is made to the edge and the cooled edge breaks cleanly off.

The neck is reheated and the jacks are used a final time to open the lip.

The glass is ready to be placed into the annealing oven.